China’s Hydraulic cylinder industry has entered the stage of improving quality and efficiency.

In China’s hydraulic cylinder industry, the market scale shows an upward trend.

Chinas hydraulic industry has experienced from imitation to independent research and development.From relying on imports to achieving self-sufficiency.The hydraulic industry has achieved a great leap forward.As the main hydraulic component, hydraulic cylinder has also embarked on the road of rapid development with the rapid development of the whole industry.From 2015 to 2020, Chinas hydraulic cylinders showed an overall upward trend.In 2015, the domestic market scale related to hydraulic was only 13.38 billion yuan.By 2020, the market scale of Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry reached 28.34 billion yuan. 

2015 to 2020 Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry, market scale
Hydraulic cylinders are mainly used in industrial production.
Hydraulic cylinder is a special part of various engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, special vehicles and large machinery.In industrial production, it can be used for forging machinery, injection molding machine, machine tool machining center, robot, mining machinery, packaging machinery, etc.It can be used in construction machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile and so on.

Application fields of Hydraulic cylinders


Specific industries.

Hydraulic cylinder used in Industrial production industry.

Forging machinery,

Injection molding machine,

Machine tool processing center,


Mining machinery,

Packaging machinery.

Textile machinery.

Printing machinery.

Hydraulic elevator.

Lifting equipment.

Hydraulic cylinder application in Walking machinery.

Construction machinery.

Project machinery.

Agricultural machinery,  

Automobile, etc.

Hydraulic cylinder used in Aerospace field.



Satellite launch.

Hydraulic cylinder used in Oceanographic engineering.

Marine development platform.

Subsea drilling.

Underwater operation.

The Production and sales volume of hydraulic cylinders in China shows an upward trend in fluctuations.
January September, 2015 ~ 2020.The overall production and sales volume of hydraulic cylinders in China fluctuated and increased.In 2020, due to the high prosperity of Chinas machinery industry, the output of excavator hydraulic cylinders and other products increased significantly. According to the data of China Hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry association,The output of hydraulic cylinders in China is 2.2164 million, and the sales volume of hydraulic cylinders reaches 2.381 million.

                                                 Production and sales of hydraulic cylinders of key enterprises
in Chinas hydraulic industry from 2015 to 2020.

Chinas hydraulic cylinders are gradually developing to medium and high-end quality. From the perspective of Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry participants, most domestic enterprises are still producing low value-added medium and low-end hydraulic cylinder products.Most of the high-end hydraulic cylinders used in China are provided by foreign enterprises. With the rise of high-end enterprises,  imported high-end hydraulic cylinders in some fields are gradually being replaced by domestic high quality ones. Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry will enter the stage of improving quality and efficiency. In recent years, the state has issued one after another, such as development plan for hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry, Intelligent manufacturing development plan,and made in China 2025. We should highlight Chinas concentration advantage, Improve product quality, accelerate the pace of replacing high-end imported products and the process of intellectualization. We should develop Chinas advantages and supply middle and high-quality products with more value to overseas markets. In the next few years, With the development of global economy, the demand for infrastructure industry in each country increases, The production and export of Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry will further develop. By 2026, the market scale of Chinas hydraulic cylinder industry will exceed 56.4 billion yuan.

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